It Takes a Collaborative Village

A Collaborative Village includes families, communities, and schools. The keys to this village’s success are partnership and teamwork; however, knowledge of strategies and resources for helping parents teach their children learn to read are needed.  Children spend the greatest part of their waking moment developing academic skills; therefore, we rely on schools to inform us of our children’s academic progress. In the event a child is struggling academically how then can the other  sectors of the village assist?

Organizations, communities, and neighborhood schools, can help provide families with the ability to help their children succeed. Our nonprofit organization, A.P.P.E.A.L. INC is instrumental in supporting the collaboration between communities, families, and schools. It solicits donations in an effort to provide the resources that schools and communities need to build parent capacity and increase parent engagement, as they help their children hone phonics, grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Join us on this mission by supporting and donating to one of our many programs.